Day 1 to Day 3 Melbourne, Cape Conran, Mallacoota

7 05 2008


Wednesday 7th May

Headed to Mallacoota and arrived about midday.  Had planned to head onwards, but decided to stay a night.  Had a look around town and a few of the local beaches.

Mallacoota (1)

Tuesday 6th May

Stayed another night at Cape Conran, but had to move out of our cabin as it was already booked by a school group!  Hence moved to a retreat tent site with all linen included.  Power went out at the same time we were trying to get dinner ready, have shower and get ready for bed.  Cooked under torch light, ate next to an outside fire and missed the shower as the automated pumps weren’t working without electricity.  We slept well!  During the day we had visited Yeerung river and Yeerung Gorge.  Zaren enjoyed running in and out of the shallow water of the Yeerung.  Also walked around the rocks and rock pools of “Sailors Grave”. 

Around Cape Conran (7)

Monday 5th May

We had an enjoyable drive from Clayton with only one short stop in Sale for lunch. Arrived Cape Conran Coastal Park 4.30pm Monday 5th May 2008. The park office had closed at 4.00pm! No problem our booking was on the board and we found our own cabin, which was ready for us. We had time for a quick visit to the beach (a must do on the first day of a coastal trip) before we got the fire going and tea ready.

Cape Conran (5)   Cape Conran (2)

No mobile phone access and perhaps not surprisingly the location was not covered by Telstra Next G wireless Internet access – so much for our recent purchase of a Next G device and associated service for use on our holiday.




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