Day 11 to Day 18

22 05 2008


Thursday 22nd May

We spent the day around the Sunshine Coast and Noosa today.  Will be on the beach.  Life’s a beach!

Wednesday 21st May

We made a big trip today from Coffs Harbour to Peregian Beach (Sunshine Coast) stopping in Grafton (at Mc Donalds), Brunswick Heads and Coolangatta.  It was a big drive (longest single drive to date) with more than seven hours at the wheel.  The stop at Brunswick Heads, which is just a few kilometres from Byron Bay was brief although we found it a quaint location.  The Lonely Planet guide describes Brunswick Heads as a quiet getaway with good beaches and that’s a fairly apt description.


Beach at Brunswick Heads (The shadowy part in the water is a huge school of small fish)

We made Coolangatta for lunch and had time for a dip in the water, at which time Zaren declared "this water is not cold", and indeed it was not.  We had finally made it to Queensland and the water was at such a temperature that it was comfortable to get into without feeling cold.


Coolangatta Beach (looking towards Tweed Heads)

Tuesday 20th May

We spent the day looking around Coffs Harbour with a walk down the Jetty (within the protected harbour) and a mandatory visit to the Big Banana.  We thought about going for a swim but the surf was a little too big even in the protected harbour and a little too cold.  I took a picture of some kids surfing the reflected wave off the rocks within the harbour.  I thought they were mad surfing so close to the rocks, but they knew what they were doing and were having a great time.

IMG_0663 IMG_0668

Monday 19th May

Travel from Port Stephens to Coffs Harbour.  This was a big trip and other than McDonalds at Taree we only briefly stopped at Nambucca Heads to take a few photos and have lunch.


Nambucca Heads

We arrived at Coffs Harbour with enough time for a short walk to Mutton Bird Island (although about one month too late to see any Mutton birds as they had all migrated north).


Photo from atop Muttonbird Island towards the protected harbour and airport (in distance)

Sunday 18th May 

We were in Port Stephens with friends (Yee Lee and David from Sydney) and had a fairly relaxed day which included a walk up the Tomeree Headland.  It was a fun walk with great views of Port Stephens from the top.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623

Saturday 17th May

We completed the drive today from Wollongong to Port Stephens in which we tried to get through Sydney in the shortest period of time taking route 6.  The best part of the drive was just as we left Wollongong along the Grand Pacific Drive.  It is a spectacular section of road especially across the Sea Cliff Bridge.  The photos below are of the bridge and looking down on the bridge as we rose the mountains and made our way to Sydney.

IMG_0613 IMG_0616

Friday 16th May

We made the short trip from Kiama to Wollongong visiting both the Minnamurra Rainforest (just out of Kaima) and a visit to the Buddhist (Nan Tien Temple).  Zaren really enjoyed the walk around the rainforest which probably his biggest walk to date.  The rainforest is supposedly the most southerly example of a subtropical rainforest.  Nan Tien is the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere and really quite spectacular.  The photos are from the rainforest and the temple (looking towards the mountains surrounding Wollongong).

IMG_0574 IMG_0586


Near Flagstaff Point Lighthouse looking towards Port Kembla

Thursday 15th May 

We drove from Batemans Bay to Kiama stopping briefly in Jervis Bay to have a look and take some photos.  It was a perfect day when we arrived at Jervis Bay and if not for the fact that Zaren was asleep in the car I would have loved to have gone for a swim at Murrays Beach (shown in the following two photographs with three sea kayaks in one of the photos).

IMG_0538 IMG_0543

The following two photos are from Cave Beach and looking down on Jervis Bay Village as we made our way out of Jervis Bay.

IMG_0553 IMG_0556

We arrived in Kiama early afternoon and thought it was a pretty town so decided to stay a night. The following three photos are of Kiama (the last being of the big blow hole – which wasn’t really blowing).

IMG_0564 IMG_0567





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