Day 19 to Day 50

22 06 2008

Sunday 22nd June

A quiet day on the beach at Byron Bay.  This will likely be our last day in the water before we return to Bendigo.


Saturday 21st June

Travelled from Coolangatta to Byron Bay and walked up to the light house.  Zaren had a quick dip before dinner.

IMG_1145 IMG_1151

Friday 20th June

Last day in Coolangatta.  Spent the day on the beach and playing in the surf.

Thursday 19th June

Drove to Brisbane to check out some things there.

Wednesday 18th June

Did a drive up the Tweed Valley and tried to visit Mt Warning.  However, due to the inclement weather and rain we never got to see the summit of Mt Warning although we did drive up close to the top – we thought!.  We dropped in at the Tropical Fruit World which is a great place to spend money (i.e. rather expensive for what was offered or so I thought).  We drove back to Coolangatta via Lamington National park (the 2nd picture below is around this area) and Nerang.

IMG_1132 IMG_1137

Tuesday 17th June

Quiet day in Coolangatta.

Monday 16th June

A fun day at Sea World.

IMG_1098 IMG_1108

IMG_1105 IMG_1100

Sunday 15th June

Didn’t go into the surf today at Coolangatta, which was probably a bit sad as it was a great surf day in what is known as a section of coast which produces the longest wave (or is that break).  Anyway it was a great day and we only managed to get into the pool which was heated but a bit cool due to the wind.


Saturday 14th June

We flew from Cairns to Brisbane and then drove to Coolangatta, where we are to spend the next week. 


Friday 13th June

Yey, our first Queensland (and Great Barrier Reef Island) – Green Island – to set foot on these holidays.  We took the short boat trip from Cairns to Green Island and spent most of the day on the Island.  It rained on and off throughout the day but we still had time for a trip in the glass bottomed boat and I had time to snorkel on the reef – although the tourists have really loved sections of the reef next to Green Island to death.  It was still fun and the rain and wind (let’s not forget the strong wind which made Zaren and Jane a little sea sick on the trip over) didn’t dampen our spirits.  We arrived back in time for a walk around the city of Cairns before returning to Trinity Beach for our last night in Cairns.

Picture of Jane and Zaren leaving Green Island and the Cairns Harbour.

IMG_1078 IMG_1083

Thursday 12th June

Today included a trip to Cape Tribulation, which is about as far north as one can drive along the coast without a four wheel drive and for that reason about as far as most tourists go north.  The drive was fairly easy with a simple ferry crossing over the Daintree River.  We stopped briefly at Mossman on the way there and Port Douglas on the way back.  Pictures at Mossman and Zaren at Cape Tribulation.  By the time we reached Port Douglas on the way back it was raining a bit and surely must have been about as cold as Port Douglas gets.

IMG_0992 IMG_1012

Wednesday 11th June

Today we took the Scenic railway to Kuranda and caught the spectacular Skyrail back from Karanda.  The Skyrail is an absolutely amazing trip.

IMG_0947 IMG_0955

Tuesday 10th June

Today was a trip to the Atherton Table lands.  It rained a few times during the day, but it was often dry enough to see a few of the sights.  It was a big drive, passing through Kuranda, Mareeba, Atherton, Malanda, Millaa Millaa (the waterfall circuit just out of Millaa Millaa), Innisfail and then a drive back to Cairns.  It surely must be some of the most spectacular country in Australia. 

Below are pictures of Millaa Millaa falls, and another looking down from Crawford’s lookout, and a third of the rain in Innisfail.

IMG_0907 IMG_0925


Monday 9th June

Flew from Brisbane to Cairns today.  It was an early start – leaving Perigian Beach about 4.00am to get to Brisbane in time for an early flight.  We are to stay five days at Trinity beach.  Had a quick look around the local beach.  Photo of Zaren on Trinity beach.


Sunday 8th June

Pretty much the same as for the previous day.  Grant had received his new Dell computer and I spent a few hours assisting him setting it up, including setting up his iPod and an installation of iTunes.

Saturday 7th June

This was a bit of a lazy day around the Noosa area.  The weather was a bit cool for swimming so we just went for a drive and a walk around a few of the areas close to Noosa.

Friday 6th June

Today we made a long trip from Yeppoon (near Rockhampton) to Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast.  It was an all day trip with just a few short stops for meals, and time to take a few photos of things we’d passed on our way up the coast, but during which time it had been too wet to get out of the car to take photographs of.

We took a few photos of the Fitzroy river which runs through Rockhampton (thus named due to the rocks in the river used (years ago to cross the river) to get to the hampton (or something like that)). The photos below are of the river.

IMG_0880 IMG_0881

Also stopped briefly in Gladstone and below is a photo of the boat harbour near the central visitor information desk.


There were a few places (including beaches) I would have liked to have visited on the trip down the coast, but we were on a tight timeline to get back to the Sunshine coast so that we could get ready for our flight north to Cairns in a few days time.  However, we had established that beaches around this area (even though they were in Queensland) were a little cool to swim in during this time of the year if the day was not fairly sunny. Hence one of our reasons for deciding to book a trip to Cairns was to find some warmer tropical waters.

Thursday 5th June

Today we played tennis in the morning, which was the just the second time (the first time only a few days prior) in a number of years we’d enjoyed such an activity.  (Great having Zaren in kids kapers)!  We played a good two "setter" with one set going each way.


In the afternoon we took some photos of the local beach and facilities and had a short swim in the pool, a go on the water slide and a warm spa.  The photo of the sea below was looking towards the northern Keppel island (north of Great Keppel Island).  We had planned to visit Great Keppel Island but the main resort had only recently closed down and most facilities were no longer operational so we decided against both a day visit to the Island or a longer visit.  This was in part due to the cost of the short boat trip to the island and the current temperature which meant the water temperature at this time of year is only around 21C, which is a bit cold to spend much time in the water unless the sun is shining.

IMG_0866 IMG_0855

Wednesday 4th June


We played golf today on the "championship" course at the Rydges Capricorn Resort at Yeppoon.  Zaren was at the kids club from 8.30 to 12.30 which allowed us the time to play 9 holes.  In the afternoon I had a brief go on the Sea Kayak.  The sea water around Yeppoon appears a little muddy due to the fine sand which floats in the water.  It’s also very quiet on the beach at this time of year and when I was kayaking I was the only one in the water for as far as I could see.  They do have crocodiles in the local rivers – which no one seems to be too concerned about.  However, knowing that they’d lost track of a number of them since recent rains I didn’t spend to long out on the kayak (might have been the only meal around).  Returned to the safety of the swimming pool and water slide in the afternoon.


Tuesday 3rd June

Today we completed a beach walk in the morning and a drive up to Byfield just out of Yeppoon in the afternoon.  We weren’t overly impressed with Byfield. We couldn’t easily get to any impressive places and the sign by the small river we stopped at warned of crocodiles and poisonous fresh water stone fish.  We returned to the resort in Yeppoon in time for our afternoon water slide at the pool at 3.30.

Monday 2nd June

Our first full day at the Rydges Capricorn Resort at Yeppoon.  We played tennis in the morning and had a swim in the afternoon.  Unfortunately the swimming pool was not heated and therefore a little too cool to spend too long in.  However, it was a very large and impressive pool with a man made sand beach at one end of it.


Sunday 1st June

Made a short trip from our accommodation in Rockhampton to Yeppoon (about an hour out of Rockhampton).  Unfortunately the weather was wet and it was difficult to do much other than hop out of the car to take a few short walks and some photographs.  We did hang out at the Rockhampton McDonalds for a while as it was the only dry park we could find for Zaren to have a bit of a play.

Photos below are of the Singing Ship and one of the small boat harbours in sections of coast just south of Yeppoon.  This singing ship is a monument in honour of James Cook’s discovery of Keppel bay and makes whistling noises when the wind blows, which the wind was doing (as well as the clouds raining) when we visited it.

IMG_0808 IMG_0811

Friday 30th May

We spent the day in "Town of 1770" and Agnes Waters.  No prizes for guessing what year the local port was discovered by Captain Cook!  It was a wet and wild day.  Fortunately we had nice accommodation in which we were staying but our trip out doors was not that pleasant.  However we did manage a few short walks, but definitely not a swim (at what is reported as the most northerly "surf beach" on the coast of Queensland).  As it turns out there were surfing lessons being offered further north at Yeppoon (to name one place other than this) so not everyone agrees on this area being the most northerly surf beach.  Over the few days during this period this section of coast experienced significant rainfall.  Noosa, which thankfully we were not at during this period, experienced about 150mm of rain and had their main beach wash away during storms.  Where we were was wet, cold (Queensland cold) and the surf was fairly wild.  Below are some of the pictures we took around the area.

IMG_0799 IMG_0802 

Thursday 29th May

Today we made the trip from Maryborough to Rockhampton.  We had stayed with Dennis and Ruth Theabold (who had helped us look after our house in Bendigo and who now lived in Maryborough).


Maryborough is famous for the writer who wrote Mary….


The umbrella that Mary had (shown in the photo above) was quite relevant and we wished we had ours at this time.  We made our way from Maryborough to Childers which had been made infamous for the Childers backpacker fire.  The photo below shows the rebuilt accommodation in which so many young backpackers had died years prior.  Childers supports many itinerant workers as it is a big fruit growing/agricultural area.  This is an industry significant numbers of backpackers assist with.


Wednesday 28th May

Drove from Peregian Beach to Maryborough stopping briefly at Gympie where we visited the mine museum.


Tuesday 27th May

Visited Australia Zoo.


Monday 26th May

Spent the day on the beach in Noosa.


Sunday 25th May

Down at the local beach and Noosa today.

Saturday 24th May

Visited Eumundi Market, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and had a brief swim at Noosa all in one day.


Picture of the Silver man at the Eumundi market.

Friday 23rd May

Completed a trip down to the southern end of the Sunshine Coast today.




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