Day 51 to Day 56 – The return to Bendigo

28 06 2008

Saturday 28th June

Today was the return trip from Sydney to Bendigo.  It was our final day of this 8 week trip.  It had been a wonderful experience with our little boy with us, growing up and learning as we made the trip.  We had seen some wonderful parts of Australia and an experience we will never forget.

This final day involved the longest single day of travel of the entire trip.  However, as one would expect we really just wanted to get home and didn’t fancy a stop anywhere.  So other than food and rest breaks we just kept driving.  Fortunately there was minimal traffic on the road and it was easy driving.  We left Sydney around 7am and had a good trip.  Somewhere along the road we passed Jenny, Paul, Nicholas and Sophie who were headed the other way for a boat holiday around Sydney as it was the start of the school holidays.  We tried to meet them but it was not to be and we passed them without seeing them, which was easily done on much of the Hume highway.

Friday 27th June

This was a day for us to explore Sydney.  We travelled by train from Artarmon to Wynyard station. At which point we had a walk around a number of Sydney’s sights.  This included a visit to the new Apple computer store and the Opera house.  David and Yee Lee picked us up in the evening and we had dinner together. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

IMG_1225 IMG_1229

Thursday 26th June

Today we travelled from Forster to Sydney (David and Yee Lee’s unit).  It was a long but good drive.  We stopped briefly in Newcastle for lunch and had afternoon tea next to the Hawkesbury River (just north of Sydney).  It was getting to the stage where we were enjoying ourselves but looking forward to being home soon.  David and Yee Lee took us out for a pleasant meal in Chatswood this evening.


Wednesday 25th June

Today we spent the morning strolling around Port Macquarie prior to a short drive to Forster.  The walk in the morning was very pleasant.  The walk took in the town of Port Macquarie and included a walk along the path next to the inlet through to the surf beach.  We saw quite a number of dolphins swimming around the heads. 

IMG_1193 IMG_1204 

Tuesday 24th June

Today was a trip from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie.  We made a detour inland to take in Bellingen and Dorrigo.  The detour took some considerable time as it involved a drive off the highway to Dorrigo and then back to the highway.  However it was well worth it and we saw some wonderful sites.  We were treated to a tour of the trains in Dorrigo by the manager of the train museum which was otherwise unavailable to the public.  It just happened he was checking the pamphlet box when we turned up and he kindly offered a guided tour. He was very generous with his time explaining considerable about the history of both the trains and the site.  Zaren was in train heaven.  The drive through to Dorrigo is quite spectacular and we stopped on a number of occasions to enjoy the sites and views.

IMG_1177 IMG_1174 

Monday 23rd June

Today we completed the drive from Byron Bay to Coffs Harbour.  We stopped briefly to take photos and have lunch at Lennox Head and Evans Head.  It was a good drive but we were really now just starting to go through the motions of getting back to Bendigo and home.  Pictured is Lennox Head and Evans Head.

IMG_1164 IMG_1171




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