Aspirant Leadership Program

21 08 2009

This program was delivered by Sharon Butler and was a four day program 18 & 19 June, and  20 & 21 August 2009.

18th & 19th June

Mention was made of the departments approach to the leadership development and the document which describes this is the Developmental Learning Framework This was referred to as the “white album” and is heavily based on the works of Sergiovanni.  DEECD has some other documents at The iLead 360 feedback survey is part of this process. 

The first two days of this course was valuable but perhaps the most important aspect was to remind me of the value of material I had previously come across.  John Sloan in his (Thursday dinner) presentation indicated the significance of Stephen Covey’s work with the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the Eighth Habit (which was a book I had not read at that stage) in his own practice.  John also talked about servant leadership and we were referred to Robert Greenleaf’s work on this.

20th & 21st August

We looked at the draft of the “Families as Partners in Learning Resource Kit” and considered how to involve families in education.  Sharon Butler had been doing some work on this for DEECD and is passionate about this topic.  It was interesting and represents a initiative I’d support which to me represents greater involvement of families in education and increased connectedness between schools and families.

Some discussion was around change and transition and the difference thereof. This words seem to have particular meaning in the leadership domain. 

A video of Ben Zander was utilised.  Ben is clearly an inspiring educator and his policy of giving an A at the beginning of the course was inspiring.  The idea of writing letters as to why you would get an A forward dated to the end of academic year explaining the reasons was a great idea.  Also Ben’s ideas on Rule #6 “Don’t take yourself to seriously” and his comments on speaking possibility and the art of possibility were also interesting.




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