Bendigo Loddon Mallee Cyber Safety Project Presentation

3 05 2010

Attended 3 May 2010 – 9.30am to 3.30pm

Melissa Sevil of the Australia Federal Police spoke and described a number of aspects about the AFP’s involvement in cyber safety and a number of actual cases in which AFP were involved.

AFP have involvement with the Virtual Global Taskforce which have connections around the world and which has led to arrests in Australia for cyber related crimes.

Some other aspects spoken about:

  1. Child pornography is explicit content of persons under the age of 18.  Creating it is a illegal as is possessing and distributing.
  2. Think you know website has been setup by the AFP and has useful cybersafety information.  The think you know approach is have fun, stay in control, and report –obviously the reporting part is when the fun and control part aren’t what’s occurring.  The website has a report button.  Also it is possible to book a presentation from this site.
  3. Facebook has recently updated their safety centre at  You need to be 13 to have a facebook account.

Robyn Treyvaud also spoke.  She is the Founder & Director of CyberSafe World

Of interest was:

  1. Law report on radio national will be on tomorrow and the topic will relate to cybersafety 4 May 2010 – 8.30am
  2. Recommeded TED “what adults can learn from kids”.  I subsequently listened to it and although amazing it wasn’t really Cybersafety related.
  3. Links in her notes include one to which seems to be part of site which has interesting cybersafety related info and research.
  4. A number of statistics around cyber safety issues.  For example cases which concern an adult predator are only a small percentage of cases (i.e. 1%), most cases involve peers.  64% of bullied children seek help from friends rather than parents.  Other data was around children not getting a satisfactory response (i.e. things made worse) when details were shared with a teacher/guardian.  Perhaps most interesting, but I’m not sure I fully understood it, was around most of education and training should be directed towards training the largest group of children/students who are neither the perpetrators or victims but are the bystanders – aware but not necessarily acting.



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5 05 2010
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