Windows 7 with Windows Media Player 12 connecting across network to a Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray Disk Player using DLNA / AllShare

26 09 2010

I successfully setup my new Samsung BD-C5500 to communicate with my Windows 7 PC.  This Samsung player not only plays Blu-ray disks but also has a network port, which allows it to connect to a wired network.  The Samsung Player supports AllShare, which is Samsung’s implementation of DLNA.  Most of Samsung’s documentation describes the use of AllShare in conjunction with  Samsung’s own server software ”PC Share Manager” on a PC to get sharing to work.  However, I really didn’t want to add additional software to my computer given Windows Media Player is DLNA compliant and should do the job.  Hence without installing any Samsung software on my PC I was able to share music, photos and video from my PC using Windows Media Player 12.  At this point in time I have not tested it extensively but by sharing media using media player I can access it using the BD-C5500 across the network.  I have successfully shared jpg images, MP3s and a number of video formats (i.e. MP4 and WMV).  The sharing of some AVI files didn’t work, but this is likely due to an unsupported codec within the AVI container.

I was also interested in seeing whether DLNA might be a useful technology in a school setting for purposes like streaming video or digital signage.  The current arrangement for almost all digital signage options I’ve seen, to date, involve a PC or the like in addition to a LCD/Plasma screen.  If it’s possible to do away with the PC and stream directly to the screen running some form of DLNA then this would be really cool.  However, from my brief amount of research and what I’ve seen of DLNA it appears to be a domestic type of technology and doesn’t allow for a number of controls I’d be looking for in a school or similar environment.  For example there doesn’t appear to be the capacity to turn a device on or off remotely or have security to ensure appropriate use.  Although the BD-C5500 doesn’t appear to allow for content to be pushed to it, some instances of DLNA when embedded into the TV can likely support this and this would be one of the functions which might be useful in a school setting. But without some of the other functions and controls mentioned, as lacking, I’m not sure how DLNA could be used for purposes like digital signage.  However, this is something worthy of further investigation.




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15 12 2010

I´m trying to do the same thing, maybe you can help me ?
I also use the BD-C5500 and a Win 7 PC, but the Windows Media Player 12 doesn´t show up as an DLNA Server (the WMP configuration is correct, streaming is enabled). So I´ve installed the “PC Share Manager”, et voila: This DLNA Server is detected by the BD-C5500.
So, what is your secret ?

25 01 2011

Andy – sorry about not responding to this sooner. However, given the delay I’m guessing you may have worked it out in the interim or moved on. After my initial play with DLNA I havn’t gone back to use it again so without checking again I’m not sure I can help much. I would think that if there is a problem it is related to the setup of WMP as there are no settings (from memory) required with the Bluray player. I can’t recall a secret, but if I did something I’m guessing it was security/permission related.

25 06 2011

Okay, I’m dying here. I’m pretty tech-saavy, but I cannot find ANYTHING in the menus on my BD-C5500 that says anything about AllShare. What am I missing???

30 06 2011

I haven’t actually used this device much. However, I went and powered it on so I could see whether AllShare is in the menus. I can’t see it but if you read the dcoumentation it will talk about AllShare. By having a Windows 7 PC with Media Player running (can’t remember what the security settings were) on the same network it allows the BD-C5500 to see it. On the home screen for the BD-C5500 I press the red A or blue D button to show Windows 7 computers on my network. I can then use the remote control navigation buttons to select the media file I am after. Hope this helps.

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