Cisco Victorian Networking Academy Conference

26 05 2011

This was an all day conference from 9.30 till 5.30 at Cisco Head Office in Melbourne on 26th of May 2011.

A number of topics were covered at the conference. 

  1. New mappings had been made against the ICA11 Training Package and the Cisco Discovery and Exploration courses.  This work had been completed by Box Hill Institute.
  2. An Academy Evolution had occurred which meant we can can go anywhere for training of staff in the future.  BSSC will have a direct relationship with Cisco rather than Regional Academy. The following will exist.
  3. a) Instructor Training Centres for Victoria will be Box Hill and RMIT

    b) Academy Support Centre will be Box Hill

    c) There will also be NetAcad Resource Partners

  4. The role Cisco Academies will continued largely as is and therefore there appears no significant change directly to BSSC
  5. Harry Wang will look after quality assurance. Can share best practice with Harry as he needs to share best practice with Asia Pac – it needs to be measurable.
  6. Equipment Update
  7. a) New CCNA bundles

    b) ~72% off RRP for CCNA

    c) License Key required for new routers New equipment will require Windows 7 style security to protect IOS. Cost of new routers are slightly higher due to max RAM, flash. (i.e. a $600 router might become a $950 router). Only one IOS available for new routers. 2901 – 1 RU, 1941- 2 RU

    d) $4300 per pod basis

    e) Version 12 to version 15 of IOS – should be no cost for IOS under smartnet

  8. Telstra Graduate didn’t fill all positions – students with CCNA are highly regarded in this process – technical starting salary $60,000 –
  9. Netriders Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th of September, 2 members per team, and as many teams as you like. 18 years and over 31st Dec 2011.  50% theory and 50% packet tracer.



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