Have you ever wanted to create or build something in a way which you uniquely contributed to.  I have and so I have decided to learn a little about the fundamental processes of working on and building the structures we live in and use.  I have also decided to share some of my experiences through this site.  One of my mid term aims is to be involved in creating a new house to live in which is of a high quality, is energy effecient, is an example of some of the things I believe in and becomes a great place to live. 

As a teacher, I want to assist people to understand things better and if possible find ways to clearly explain subject matter.  Education should be empowering and useful.  Unfortunately our education systems often makes us experts in things that are easy to teach and train people in rather than being fundamentally useful.   Building is pretty fundamental in that it represents shelter.  Interestingly after years of studying science I had little idea about of how shelter could be made or improved.  I knew lots of theories about forces, thermodynamics and the like, but I didn’t have much of an idea about mixing or pouring concrete.  No doubt if I’d chosen a different career and training I would have known more about such matters.   However, I do beleive that we all should be able to learn and understand as much as we want about building things and that such information should be available for the non-expert and novice.  We shouldn’t have to an apprenticed bricklayer before we do some bricklaying or a civil engineer before we build a steel shed.  I’m really interested in being able to do things like pour concrete, lay bricks, build a steel frame, or plaster a wall, but I’m also really interested to know why we should do things certain ways and how we should best do things.  In these pages I’d like to share my experiences in the hope that it might be of some use to others but also to attempt to relate the practical (the work of building) to the science and maths which many of us learnt in school. 

The following is a list of tasks I’ve undertaken.

  1. tiling

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